Get to know the new blade model Graphene 360 Alpha Elite, highly recommended by Eli Amatriain, due to its high precision and comfort. With this shovel you will feel like you are wearing a glove, it is incredibly comfortable and light. Integrated with Graphene 360 technology, it is the latest evolution made by Head´s I+D department. Currently strategically placed in the shoveling frame of the blade, to provide greater stability and optimizes the transfer of energy from the blade to the ball, this results in amplified energy.

The Alpha Elite has the Power Foam technology at the top, it is the perfect partner for maximum power. This complement will allow the ball to reach high speeds, which will allow you to deceive your opponents. Each blade has the advantages that make it unique.

That is why Head has developed the Smart Bridge, which gives each blade the desired benefit. The new Graphene 360 Alpha Elite has arrived to fulfill your expectations and become the best player on the court. The Alpha Elite, the softest version of the new series of Head padel racquets, is ultra-comfortable and manageable. Designed with Graphene 360 in the frame and fiberglass on the face, its touch and comfort are unmatched. If that´s not enough, it´s built with Smart Bridge Technology and CHIP technology, both resulting in a larger sweet spot. A meticulous design rounds out this fabulous model. Try it out and enjoy the comfort and power!

  • Shape Teardrop
  • Graphene
  • 38 mm
  • Released 2019