The Piton Nakano 3k padel racket is round in shape for attack players like Marta Marrero, with a good balance between control and power, it has a hard touch, perfect for aggressive strokes.

The frame is double tubular 80% carbon which implies greater resistance to shocks. The inside of the frame is made of rubber eva in this way you get a very wide sweet spot.

The rubber used for this padel racket is eva15 soft rubber coated with 2 layers of fiberglass and 1 layer of 3k carbon fiber. The combination of these materials manages to create a medium-hard padel racket to have good sensations in the attack and the eva15 soft rubber will help you in the defense getting a good touch.

It is a versatile shovel with a good balance of control and power for high-level players who seek to make precise and aggressive strokes with a soft touch.

It is the padel racket chosen by the player Marta Marrero, No. 1 WPT ranking.