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Shape: Tear-Drop
EVA Rubber: Medium Density
Head: 100% Carbon
Frame: Carbon
Weight: 350/385 gr
Note: All our racquets come with their own cover racquet.

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Padel Rackets – Star Line

New mould with a profile that stands out for its 26mm size. The Kraken Pro racket is aimed at professional padel players or those with a high technical level, as each stroke needs to be performed with precision.

This model offers great handling, helping you execute quick movements and feel great both in defence and when volleying.


  • Its teardrop shape is perfect for players that want to deploy a more aggressive game, as its sweet spot is wide and located at the top of the plane.
  • New mould that stands out for its 26mm profile.
  • Extra Sweet Spot: technology used for the racket structure provides a wide sweet spot. In this way, wherever you hit the ball on the racket head you will have the best feel and control over your shot.
  • Bicarbon Tubular Structure, a double carbon tubular structure UHM (ultra-high elasticity module) in the heart of the racket head which optimises its rigidity, giving excellent resistence and balance.
  • Stiffness +: the carbon fibre reinforcement gives extraordinary rigidity to the racket, which in turn generates good momentum when hitting the ball, as well as providing excellent precision in all shots.
  • New 0.5 cm longer handle to make a two-handed grip more comfortable.
  • Perfect balance between power and control thanks to its medium-density rubber.
  • It is 100% made in Spain, in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).


  • Eco Bag.


  Shape:                    Tear Drop
  EVA Rubber:  Medium density
  Surface:  100% Carbon
  Frame:  Carbon
   Weight:  350/385 gr


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