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Shape: Teardrop
EVA Rubber: Ultra Soft
Head: Carbon 3K
Frame: Carbon 3K
Weight: 350/385 gr
Note: All our racquets come with their own cover racquet.

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Padel Rackets – Star Line

The Aquila Space Speed 2.0 padel racket stands out for its NEW Ultra Soft Speed technology, ultra soft rubber that stands out for its manageability and its great ball control. This racket is perfect for offensive players looking for a comfortable racket to evolve and improve their game. Its composition of 100% Carbon 3K in the head as well as in the frame makes this racket has a great strength and durability.


  • NEW. Ultra Soft Speed technology, ultra soft density rubber that offers great sensations of comfort and manageability on the court. Greater control and a boost of ball speed, offering great rebound of the ball.
  • Teardrop-shaped, with its sweet spot located on at the top of the racket.
  • The Aquila Core, located in the throat of the racket, helps in weight balance and control.
  • Roughness in the decal (surface layer) of the racket.
  • Includes the new Extreme Spot tubular technology, which widens the sweet spot on the racket surface.
  • It is 100% made in Spain, in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).


  • Eco Bag.


  Shape:                     Tear Drop
  EVA Rubber:  Ultra Speed Soft
  Surface:  Carbon 3K
  Frame:  Carbon 3K
  Weight:  350/385 gr


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