This racquet can be used for playing: Pop Tennis, Platform Tennis – Paddle Tennis or Padel





Padel Racquets Premium Line

This is an excellent padel racket designed for technical players who are looking for comfort and precision in their shots. A highlight of the racket is the quality materials which give the highest performance to your game. The composition of Basalt gives the racket high resistance and durability. The combination of this an the Carbon means the player has control of the shot without any loss of power. Whatsmore the new S2 technology, whose main characteristic is high resistance through continued use, helps to protect the racket against loss of performance.

The rough, surface relief in the shape of a star allows the players to execute special effect shots with high precision. Additionally, the round shape with the sweet spot in the middle of the racket gives the player confidence in their shots.


Shape: Round
EVA Rubber: Soft
Head: Basalt/Carbon
Frame: Carbon
Weight: 350/385 gr

Note: All our racquets come with their own cover racquet.