2019  PADEL DALLAS TOURNAMENT – May 9th-10h-11th-12th   

Tournament Info


May 9th-12th  (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


T BAR M Racquet Club Dallas

6060 Dilbeck Ln, Dallas



Albert F – 972 836 25 67

Entry Info


$45 per person


Before May 2nd


Tournament Hours

Tournament starts

4:00 pm on Thursday

Tournament ends

Around 5:00 pm on Sunday



PRO ………. Recommended PRO players

Open ………………….. Recommended Intermediate-Advanced players


Open ………………….. Recommended Intermediate-Advanced players




1st ….. 1,000 usd – Team

2nd ….. 600 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

3rd ….. 300 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team


1st ….. 300 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

Prizes could decrease with less of 16 teams


1st …..  400 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

2nd ….. 200 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

3rd …..  100 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team


1st ….. 100 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

Prizes could decrease with less of 16 teams


1st …..  200 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

2nd ….. 100 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

3rd …..  50 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team


1st ….. 50 usd Sport Padel Equipment – Team

Prizes could decrease with less of 8 teams



Contact Details

  • Tournament Committee
    Albert F
     Email: albert.figueiras@usaplayspadel.com
    Tel: +1 972 836 2567 (M)

Determination of Tournament Format and Scheduling

  • The League Committee may decide the format of the tournament, the format can change due to increase/decrease teams, weather, or other causes.
  • Regular Draw and Draw consolation
  • Official rankings would be used for setting the draw up

Determination of Local Rules 

Matches Score
  • Matches will be played to 2 sets
    • If the score in Sets is 1-1, it will be untied with Tie Break 11 points
  • Ties in Sets will be untied with Tie-break (7 points)
  • Scores shall communicate to League Committee
  • League Committee can modify this rule to regular 3 sets. It will be determined 1st day the tournament
Forfeit Player
  • Injury or another justified forfeit (when the tournament has started)
    • League Committee will NOT allow substituting the player

Match Regulations

  • Play in all matches shall be subject to the International Padel Federation (FIP) Laws of Tennis.
  • Players late on court shall be scored 6-0 6-0, except in exceptional circumstances. A player is late if he/she arrives on court more than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time of the match or never shows up to the match. In cases of force majeure, the League Committee may exercise discretion over lateness, provided than person involved has given notice of impending lateness.
  • Players shall be permitted a warm-up period ending not more than five minutes after the arrival of the last player on court.
  • A player may not receive coaching during a match, except from his/her partner
  • If one player wants artificial lighting, his/her wish shall prevail.

Players’ Conduct

Players shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the etiquette, sportsmanship and exemplary standards of behavior expected of the sport

  • Aide by the laws and spirit of the game
  • Treat their opponents and fellow participants with due respect at all time
  • Not behave in any other way likely to bring the game into disrepute
  • Exercise self control at all times
  • Accept success, failure, victory or defeat with good grace and without excessive display of emotion
Issues not covered in the Rules of Padel, but addressed in the Code of Padel
  • Spectators have no role in making line calls and should not be asked to do so.
  • It is both the obligation and prerogative of a player to call all shots landing on their side of the net.
  • Players should help their opponents make calls when the opponent requests it.
  • When a player does not call an out ball against themself when they clearly see it out — whether they are requested to do so by their opponent(S) or not — they are cheating.
  • When making calls, keep in mind that the opinion of a player looking down a line is much more likely to be accurate than that of a player looking across a line.  A player who stands on one base line and questions a call concerning a ball that landed near the other base line is probably being ridiculous.
  • Normally, asking for a replay of a point is a sign of failure to exercise line-calling responsibilities, and should occur only on rare occasions. One of these is as follows. Your opponent’s ball — a serve or otherwise — appears out and you so call, but return the ball to their court. Inspection reveals that your out call, which stopped play, is in error. Since you actually returned the ball a let is authorized. Had you not returned the ball the point would have been your opponent’s.
  • When you are hindered attempting to return a shot that you could not have returned even had there been no hindrance, a let is not authorized.
  • Once an out, fault, or let call is made play stops, regardless of what happens thereafter.
  • When a player is injured in an accident caused by his opponent, it is the player who must suffer with respect to the match, not the opponent. For example, A accidentally throws his racket and incapacitates B so that B is unable to resume play within the time limit; even though A caused the injury, it was accidental, and B must be defaulted, not A.
  • If you feel that your opponent is a chronic staller, foot faulter, or makes a larger number of what you feel sure are bad calls, you may call for an umpire/league committee and refuse to continue until the umpire arrives. Both players are still required to call their own lines and keep score.  The Umpires/league committee will simply confirm or overrule lines calls when requested to do so.