Contact Details

  • League Committee
    Albert F
    Tel: 972 836 2567 (M)

Determination of League Format and Scheduling

  • The League Committee may decide the format of each league, format can change due to increase/decrease teams, weather, or another causes.
  • League is 6 weeks long
  • Every team has to play 1 match with all of the teams in the league
  • Every match is arranged by the players, time and place is scheduled by the teams
    • There is not any rule who should call to arrange the match, book the court, etc
  • Teams can play 1 match every week or all matches in the same day
    • There is not rule for the quantity matches play for day or for week
  • There is not order to play the matches, every team choose when and who to play
  • Men
    • Each category is formed of 8 teams. League Committee can change the quantity of the teams if they consider it is beneficial for the league
  • Women
    • Each category is formed of 8 teams. League Committee can change the quantity of the teams if they consider it is beneficial for the league

Determination of Local Rules 

Matches Score
  • Matches will be played to 3 sets
  • Ties will be untied with Tie-break (7 points)
  • Accepted final Scores will be 2-0 or 2-1
  • We recommend to play with new balls
  • Scores shall communicate to League Committee (contact details above)
League Score
  • Winner Team gets 2 points
  • Loser Team gets 1 point
  • Not played match gets 0 points
  • Position on the league will be determined for accumulated points, wins and loses
  • In case of tie, the winner will be determined by:
    • Accumulated games
    • Team A won Team B
    • Less games lost
Final Tournament
  • At the end of each league, a tournament will be played
  • Brackets will be informed the last week of the league
  • Men
    • The 3 best teams in Gold Category will play
    • The 3 best teams in Silver Category will play
    • The 2 best teams in Bronze Category will play
  • Women
    • The 4 best teams will play
  • Teams must confirm their assistance to the tournament
    • Teams that can not confirmed, will be substituted for the next position on the league
Winners and Losers Teams
  • League
    • 2 best teams move up category (except Gold Category)
    • 2 last teams move down category (except Bronze Category)
  • Final Tournament
    • Winners (and who League Committee considers in each tournament)  get prizes
  • Every player gets individuals points for DFW PADEL Standings, where it will be determined who is the best player in DFW
Gifts and Prizes 
  • League
    • The best teams will receive gifts
    • Composition and gifts is informed below the scores for each league
  • Final Tournament
    • The best teams will receive prizes
    • Composition and prizes is informed below the scores for each league
New and Forfeit Player
  • News teams will begin in Bronze Category
  • Team with upper skills in Padel
    • League Committee will determine where will begin
  • Injury or another justified forfeit
    • League Committee will allow substitute the player
  • Only 1 substitution each league is allowed

Match Regulations

  • Play in all matches shall be subject to the International Padel Federation (FIP) Laws of Tennis.
  • Players late on court shall be scored 6-0 6-0, except in exceptional circumstances. A player is late if he/she arrives on court more than 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the match or never shows up to the match. In cases of force majeure, the League Comitee may exercise discretion over lateness, provided than person involved has given notice of impending lateness.
  • Players shall be permitted a warm-up period ending not more than five minutes after the arrival of the last player on court.
  • A player may not receive coaching during a match, except from his/her partner
  • If one player wants artificial lighting, his/her wish shall prevail.

Players’ Conduct

Players shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the etiquette, sportsmanship and exemplary standards of behavior expected of the sport

  • Aide by the laws and spirit of the game
  • Treat their opponents and fellow participants with due respect at all time
  • Not behave in any other way likely to bring the game into disrepute
  • Exercise self control at all times
  • Accept success, failure, victory or defeat with good grace and without excessive display of emotion

Disciplinary Procedures

  • Team with no match played will be scratched the next league
  • Teams shall play more than 50% of the matches, if this rule is broken, the team could be moved down the category.
    • League Committee will evaluated its decision asking over team involved.