This racquet can be used for playing: Pop Tennis, Platform Tennis – Paddle Tennis or Padel





Padel Racquets Premium Line

This is the chosen racquet for professional padel player Matias Diaz Sangiorgio, his version is the ‘warrior’. It incorporates Filava to give a higher impact shock absorption, the material performs better against stress during play.

This racquet has been designed for players of intermediate and advanced level who are looking for comfort, ball control, precision, and power. The rough surface texture of the head of the racket helps players execute special technical shots with precision and the 100% carbon composition allows for durability and strength.

And as there is no other way to be, the racquet has the ‘Warrior’ logo!


Shape: Round
EVA Rubber: Soft
Head: Carbon
Frame: Dual carbon
Weight: 350/385 gr
Note: All our racquets come with their own cover racquet.