USPA is the Padel Association with a mission of growing Padel in the U.S. Established in 1993, USPA has grown in membership over a variety of programs for padel players of all ages an levels.
Padel was first introduced to the United States in 1993 by Ed Thompson and Felipe Arnold in Houston , Texas at the renown Houstonian Hotel Club and Spa. They were proud to have the very first ever padel court constructed at The Houstonian. Felipe being a native of Argentina where padel made its initial successful debut was impressed with the growth of the sport in Argentina in just a few short years which inspired him to bring it to the United States.  One of the founders first goals was to form the very first ever men’s US padel team. The first men’s padel team was formed in 1993 by choosing six of the most elite tennis players in the Houston area.  The first men selected for the U.S. Team where: Mike May, Scott Read, Matt Berry, Brian Poynter, Ross Persons and Peter Farrel.  Mike May the  team captain at the time eventually became the new president of the United States Padel Association in 1998 while continually playing professional padel as well. Mike has played and attended every world padel championships since 1994 and has seen the sport make great strides worldwide. His goal is to share how Padel can be a successful addition to any racquet club or business looking for diversity and a way to attract new customers much like the sport has done for The Houstonian which is one of the top facilities worldwide.