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Weight: 355 a 370g
Format: round
Outer core: PitonGlass
Super control Eva
Power: 50%
Control: 50%


7 in stock


The Piton Air Plus racket is round shaped, incorporating the AVAIR technology which is an anti vibration incorporated into the handle of the racket.

The AVAIR technology absorbs the vibrations generated after each hit, improving the player’s reaction time and avoiding the appearance of fatigue and injuries in the arm, forearm, or elbow. It is especially recommended for those players who have been suffering from pain for a long time without finding the solution.

It is a racket made of medium hardness EVA rubber, covered by 3 layers of fiberglass. 2TB Airframe that implies greater resistance to hits.

The Piton Air model has the sweet hitting point very well distributed over the entire surface of the racket.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 3 in


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