This racquet can be used for playing: Pop Tennis, Platform Tennis – Paddle Tennis or Padel





Padel Racquets Star Line

This is one of the most all-around rackets of the collection, created to help players evolve their game with ease. It offers the perfect combination of power and control, without the loss of either thanks to the medium density rubber.

It uses the new Filava technology which gives the racket resistance against continued impact, and the Titania Core, the piece in the heart of the racket, helps to provide the best manageability and weight distribution.

It is perfect for all types of players, beginner to intermediate. The round shape means the sweet spot is wide and centrally located. This means the player has the best chance to hit the ball with confidence and precision.


Shape: Round
EVA Rubber: Soft
Head: 100% Carbon
Frame: Carbon
Weight: 350/385 gr
Note: All our racquets come with their own cover racquet.