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Join to our small family of Padel. Yes, we love competition, we wish to be Number 1; but the most important is have fun and enjoy of that addictive sport. Amazing prizes and gifts are given from our sponsors. If your club doesn’t play, it can sign up with a minimum of 8 teams.

Building Padel Courts in the U.S.


We are the MANUFACTURERS and EXPERTS ON Padel Courts.

PADEL10 is a Spanish based company dedicated exclusively to the construction, installation and maintenance of padel courts.

Having extensive experience in working with and perfecting glass and metal structures, our company made the decision in 2008 to specialize in the field of padel.

We have our own specialized workshop in Barcelona, dedicated to the manufacturing of our uniquely designed Padel Courts.

Clubs to Play Padel

Since 2011, when the first Padel court in the U.S. was built, (released in the news), Padel is becoming a sport in expansion, growing every year

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