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Weight: 355 a 370g
Format: round
Outer core: 3k carbon
Super Soft Eva
Power: 60%
Control: 40%


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The Piton is the flagship of our Brand and we are already on the 10th one.

The Piton racket is round shaped with a good balance between control and
power; it has a hard touch, perfect to make aggressive hits.

It is the Piton essence but with 10 more years of experience.

The frame is 2TB Air 80% carbon fiber which implies greater resistance to

It is made of two layers of fiberglass, one of LOW-DENSITY PITON GLASS and the other layer made of 3k Carbon. It incorporates a new high quality EVA rubber called PSM WHITE EVA (Power Soft Memory Eva) provides a hard touch with the ball to achieve good power and very good control.

In addition, it incorporates a rough 3D SPIB, to give more effect to all your

It is a versatile padel racket with a good balance of control and power for
hoggh-expert level players who seek to perform technical and precise

Choosing the PITON 10 is definitely a safe bet.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 3 in


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